​​The ultimate bridal chairs for the Bride & Groom.

We provide luxury throne chairs for hire all over the Ireland for weddings and events. Our throne chairs stand roughly 7ft tall and are made from the finest white velvet material. The detailing in the chairs are of a very high standard. These throne chairs are sure to give the desired effect and add that wow factor to your event or wedding. 

Our Chiavari Chairs feature a curved back for comfort.

We think this is one of the most stunning chair rental products available, and our hand-picked product features all the style offered by the original Chiavari seats, which were made way back in the 1800s in a village of the same name.

Stylish Seating
The attractive looks of our Chiavari Chairs means they are perfect for many different events where stylish seating is essential, from weddings, to corporate balls, to awards evenings .

So what do you get when you choose our Chiavari Chairs:

  • Superior 6-spindle curved backs, adding style, comfort & strength
  • ​Very elegant seatback and frame
  • Limewash finished for a vintage look
  • Seat is padded for your comfort​
  • Lightweight frame is easy to lift/move  
  • Made of European Beechwood. A high quality commercial grade chair
  • ​Distinctive 6 spoke/spindle backrest design